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General presentation

National Participation Council (NPC) is created at the initiative of the Government of Moldova as an advisory body and is working according the Government Decision no. 11 of 19.01.2010.

The Council consists of 30 members, representatives of organized civil society groups. The member mandate is granted for two years. National Participation Council intends to facilitate involvement of all interested stakeholders in designing, implementing, monitoring, evaluation and updating of strategic planning documents.

NPC mission is to contribute to the adoption of public policy decisions which would correspond to the interests of society.

The Council aims to develop and promote strategic partnership between public authorities, civil society and private sector to strengthen participatory democracy in Moldova, by facilitating stakeholders’ communication and participation in identifying and achieving strategic priorities for country development at all stages and by creating the institutional framework and capacities to ensure the full involvement of stakeholders in the decision making process.

Strategic activity directions:
I. To offer expertise in public policy elaboration, as well as in monitoring and evaluation of the public policies’ implementation.
II.To facilitate involvement of civil society and private sector in public decision-making process.

In order to achieve the established goals, during the NPC mandate were created four working groups. Each group has a coordinator and an assistant. Coordinator is a member of the working group, elected by the working group members by a simple majority of votes.

Working groups are created on the following areas:
1. Justice and Human Rights
2. Economical Development
3. Foreign, Security and Defense policy
4. Social, education, environment and youth policies

Permanent Bureau can create ad-hoc working groups, on the proposal of at least two members of the NPC, to promote ad-hoc initiatives for the time necessary for respective initiative.

Representatives of NPC are delegated as members in 33 consultative structures created by state bodies.

Government Decision