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Moldova cannot be seated on two chairs and cannot fit in two Unions, one of them being window dressing


The idea of creating a Eurasian Union around Moscow has not gone unnoticed in Chisinau, the Communist Party coming soon to support this initiative. Given that this is the largest political party in Moldova, the project of Eurasian Union is likely to be popularized. However, this would mean the renunciation to European integration, the two unions, one them being window dressing, economically incompatible, says the expert of IDIS “Viitorul”, Leonid Litra in the 39th edition of Foreign Policy Statewatch. This number is entitled "European integration of Moldova – is it still a national consensus?"
Leonid Litra from IDIS „Viitorul” asserts that Moscow proposal is at least controversial: „Supporters of Russian project think that Moldova will integrate into Eurasian Union and will continue to receive assistance from EU, counting on the “policy of two chairs”, a scenario where Chisinau is conveniently sitting on the two chairs and benefits from both sides. In fact, Moldova will not be placed on neither of the two chairs”, ascertains Mr. Litra. Or, leading thinkers from Kremlin say that right now Moldova has no place, EU being too much concerned by crisis and Russia disagreeing with disloyal states.
Under these circumstances we cannot forget that European Union is a reality built in time and which in spite of all difficulties is a functional structure, whereas Eurasian Union is a project which has not yet proven its viability. Leonid Litra: “Moreover, seeing how actual Customs Union is functioning, especially the relationship between Russia and Belarus, we can ascertain that Putin’s description of the future Union based on “EU model… and common values of freedom, democracy and market economy” seems rather window dressing, taking into consideration freedom, democracy and market economy in Russian today”.
Thus, as alluring as it may sound, Eurasian Union represents a false alternative, that someone takes advantage of in order to gain electoral dividends. This is under the circumstances of erosion of citizens’ enthusiasm towards European integration, which are tired of promises and expect most of all, the liberalization of visa regime with the EU.

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