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Moldova to purchase jet fighters

Moldova to purchase jet fighters

jet_fightersOver 240 million dollars will be allotted for buying jet fighters, as well as the needed equipment to beef up the security of the Moldovan air space. The parliament passed a draft law in this respect today.

Defence Minister Vitalie Marinuta said that the Defence Ministry is in charge of guarding the national air space. Yet, it does not have the needed equipment to do this. "To successfully ensure the surveillance of the Moldovan air space, the national armed forces should be provided with warplanes and combat helicopters, as well as with tapping devices," Marinuta said.

The minister added that the money will be earmarked from budgetary sources as well as via financing programmes.

In line with the draft law, the Defence Ministry will take the following measures against the aircraft that cross the Moldovan air space unlawfully: will identify the aircraft, will establish contact with the pilot, will intercept the plane and will fire warning or extermination shots, depending on the aircraft's subsequent moves. The defence minister is entitled to decide upon the need to fire warning or extermination shot. If he is not present, this right is taken over by the head of the National Army's HQ, after a written approval of the Superior Commander of the Armed Forces.